Dnf system-upgrade reboot returns "command not found"

I’m trying to upgrade F35 (KDE) to F36 using dnf.

I’ve used this method for many years on the same computer, but have struck an unexpected problem.

After successfully completing:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh
sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=36


sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

command returns:

sudo: system-upgrade: command not found

This has not happened with any previous upgrade. Google has not been of help.

The commands are being executed from my command history, with “35” changed to “36” this time.

Are you sure this is exactly what you wrote?

Because this message indicates that you wrote sudo system-upgrade reboot

That’s a highly embarrassing first post for me here. Especially as someone renown for picking up other folks’ syntax errors in other IT contexts.

I had picked up a mangled command from my root user bash history file.

All sorted now. Please accept my apology and a big thank you.


Don’t be embarrassed.
We all have, more than once, had a brain fart and mis-typed a command (or several).

Shake it off and move forward. Simply taking a few moments and re-reading the command before pressing enter has saved me on more than one occasion.

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