DNF package vendor change

Hello all,
does dnf allow vendor change of the installed package? I.e. I have virtualbox installed from rpm fusion repo, then I add native virtualbox repo to the system 'cause it has newer version of vbox and run “dnf update” and nothing happens even if I run “dnf update --repo virtualbox”. OpenSUSE’s zypper has an option --allow-vendor-change and it updates packages to the newest despite which repo contains it, does dnf has something similar? Yet I didn’t find any way to upgrade vbox other then to remove it and reinstall with “dnf install virtualbox --repo virtualbox”.


In that repo, package names include software version:

sudo dnf list VirtualBox\*
sudo dnf install VirtualBox-6.1

In general case, you can adjust the repo priority:
DNF Configuration Reference — dnf latest documentation

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Yeah, thanks for the clue. Shamefully I wasn’t attentive enough to notice different package names.

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