Dmenu crash after update

i just updated to silverblue 30.20190326.n.0 and now dmenu crashes on hitting return. i have to following layered packages installed:

LayeredPackages: dmenu gmime html2text i3 i3status levien-inconsolata-fonts 
libvirt-daemon-config-network libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter 
libvirt-daemon-kvm light redshift terminus-fonts xapian-core xcape 

anyone experiencing the same? dmenu built from source works.


Does it leave any logs / core dumps behind?

hm, i had updates-testing active. so i disabled it and after rpm-ostree upgrade dmenu works again…

sorry for the noise.


aaand it stopped working again. it’s actually a bug in dmenu 4.9:

from the commit log:

revert IME support
dmenu will not handle IME support (st will, atleast for now).
revert parts of commit 377bd37e212b1ec4c03a481245603c6560d0be22
this commit also broke input focus.

dmenu built from master works for me now.

as i’m a fedora newbie, how would one notify the package maintainer about this bug? just drop an e-mail?