Distro upgrade: toolbox and rpmfusion

Dear all!

Upgrade went smooth, except these two points:

  • Using repos as rpmfusion breaks the upgrade (layering is needed for e.g. Youtube videos in Firefox)
  • Toolbox: how do you easily upgrade a toolbox? It is not user friendly: you cannot enter your »old« toolbox after an upgrade and havej to perform an upgrade of the software in the toolbox container manually. A new toolbox command like toolbox upgrade for such a use case would be very good.

Cheers Florian

Hi Florian,

I understood for the toolbox upgrade it depends on podman as per this old post:

I don’t know if there is an update on podman.


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You can always enter your old toolbox by specifying its name directly: toolbox enter fedora-toolbox-33

I’m not using any layering and I can watch all videos on Youtube using the version of Firefox included in Silverblue.

OTOH I cannot watch videos on other video sharing websites (e.g. Vimeo). For those websites usually Firefox (or Chromium) flatpaks work fine.