Display sometimes is very bugged when switching between windows (KDE, NVIDIA, Xorg)

Video of the issue (posted on reddit because it was too large): Reddit - Dive into anything

This issue happens happens sometimes when I switch between windows (Alt+Tab). It started to happen when I installed the nvidia driver, so it may be somehow related. Suspending the computer (closing the laptop) makes it behaves properly again when initialed, maybe due some graphical reset, something like that.

Actually I get the follow message when the computer come back from sleep


Kernel version: 5.15.12-200.fc35.x86_64

OS: Fedora 35


WM: kwin

DE: Plasma 5.23.4

I recommend you give a full description here of your hardware, OS installed, and the problem and observed behaviors rather than providing a link to a video on another site. Some don’t follow links at all, and others with potentially similar problems won’t know if their problem could be fixed by the discussion here without the ability to identify that their problem is the same as yours. Especially give a thorough description of ‘very bugged’ and, if you can, change the thread title to include those details. (Ask a mod for help if you’re unable to edit.)

Best of luck!


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I really forgot to include the information about the hardware on my computer. I will edit the post and include it.

About the description of the issue, I am afraid that will not be able to provide it because I really do not know what is happening and have no idea how to put that in words. That is why I uploaded the video and said it was ‘very bugged’.

Do you get the same ‘bugged’ behavior when using other WM/DEs? It should be easy to try others by pressing the gear (settings) on the login screen and choosing another, already-available environment. If there are no others already available (unlikely, I think), and you don’t want to install another to try, then never mind.

I expect you like your current setup and don’t want to change permanently, but I’m suggesting trying variations to get more data. Seeing the ‘bugged’ behavior (or not) may also help you describe it.


Indeed would be a good idea:
inxi -Fzx in terminal and post the output as </> Preformatted text here.

Look like you have same problem as reported here.

From that link, there an attachment *.mp4 that look like behave like your video on Reddit.

Maybe you could try the work arround on that link.