Display Resolutions


Hey, for some reason, when I try to switch to certain display resolutions, my screen turns out like on the picture. I’m not sure why this happens. Maybe something to do with my gpu or cpu, I’m not sure

If you select an unsupported screen resolution this effect is common.
What is the default resolution and refresh rate on that screen?
Most newer ones are 1920x1080 or higher with refresh rates from 60 Hz and up (mine is 1920x1080x144)

My defaults are 1920x1080x144

Is there a reason you are trying to set it for 1600x900x60?
I would guess that is unsupported on that screen. Native resolution is usually better, though some variation is often possible.

It’s mainly for games that I’m using it for

And while I’m at it, Do you know why my signal strength is low for wifi. Afaik the wifi performance doesn’t seem to affect it and on Windows it was full bars. I haven’t moved anywhere from my room prior to installing Fedora


Please start a new topic for a new issue.

Look into the games options to tune the performance.
But leave the hardware at its supported resolution.