Display-next/HDR/Shell hackfest

Article Summary:
We would like to announce the Display-next/HDR hackfest organized by Red Hat in Brno, gathering developers from various projects and companies with the goal of discussing the planning and development of the technical infrastructure for various features for display-next technologies, specifically those that need GNOME Shell or similar compositors or window managers to work in tandem with the GPU stack. One of the main examples of this is HDR support.

More info in Hackfests/ShellDisplayNext2023 - GNOME Wiki!.

Article Description:
We already have a draft written by Niels de Graef, Sebastian Wick and myself. First section will be announcement of the hackfest and logistics, second section briefly explaining HDR in Linux, third section explaining why HDR and this hackfest is important for the Linux ecosystem and for Fedora/RHEL.

FWIW it was suggested by Justin Flory to write an article here. It would be great to publish it ASAP so that this article can be the official announcement of the hackfest.

+1 from me. Can you tell us who should be the author on the ticket when it is opened? Or do you want all three names on it (if we can)?

Thanks Richard. All three names if possible, with my name being the last. Each of us has written a section of the article.

+1. Please go ahead and get the content uploaded to our WordPress instance and we will run it ASAP. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve created card #164 to track this article.

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