Display issues with Raspberry Pi3


I have installed Fedora IOT image using the command.

arm-image-installer --image ./Fedora-IoT-33-20210315.0.aarch64.raw.xz --target=rpi3 --media=/dev/mmcblk0 --resizefs --norootpass --addkey ~/.ssh/pi.pub

Raspberry Pi 3 is booting up .

  1. Having some Display issues.


  1. Keyboard strokes are responding . But due to display issue, cannot proceed.

  2. Connected to router with Ethernet cable, not registered for any IPs.

How to correct this.


Check out this thread, perhaps it’s relevant for RPi3 as well:

The device is not set up .

Display is broken as in screenshot. And, ssh not working :frowning:

Any other options ?

The issue is fixed by using “Fedora-Xfce-33-1.3.aarch64.raw.xz” .

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