Display glitchy and unusable upon booting using 6.2 kernels

Hi. I have a 12-year old PC that I’ve been running fedora on since the beginning. It’s generally worked great. Recently, though, it’s started to display a garbled screen (all colors of vertical lines across the whole screen) when I boot up, making it unusable. I can switch to a text login, so it’s not locked up. This only happens with 6.2 kernels; if I go back to a 6.1 one, then everything works fine again. I have an nvidia GTS450 graphics card and am running Xorg and KDE, if it helps.


ETA: This happened with newer kernels in fedora 37, and it’s still happening with the fedora 38 that I just installed.

That old GPU is only supported by the nvidia 390 drivers or by nouveau. What version of the nvidia driver is installed? Or are you using the nouveau drivers?

It also only works with xorg since those old drivers do not support wayland. You said you are logging in with xorg so that is good.

I suspect that the newer kernels just are so far beyond what those old cards are capable of that you might be out of luck. I would routinely suggest (budget permitting) that you upgrade the GPU to one that is supported by the newer drivers since those work well with the newer kernels. The nvidia 1660 or so cards are presently only about $100 or less so it really would not break the bank to upgrade.

The situation with kernels progressing and the unsupported drivers being stagnant will only continue to worsen as time goes on.

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I’m not using nvidia’s drivers (and never have). Only the one that comes with fedora, which I guess is nouveau.

I wasn’t sure what display manager I was using until today; it was lxdm. I switched to ssdm and ensured that x11 is the DisplayServer.

Ah well, I guess even in linuxland, no hardware lasts forever! Really, it’s probably time to ugprade the whole PC at this point.

Thanks for the info.