Disk partioning

Been a Ubuntu user for some years, but planning to change to Fedora 38. I will install in a 2 TB m2 ssd. Encrypted /
Planning on the following patitions:

  1. efi 1 GB
  2. swap 32 Luks Encrypted
  3. boot/efi 1 GB
  4. / 566 Gb Btrfs Luks Encrypted
  5. /data partiion of 1.4 TB (btrfs or ext4)

My question is which format is better suited for the data partition? Pros an cons for each type?


Why would you want a /efi and a /boot/efi? Generally you would only want one or the other.

As for the “best” filesystem there is no clear answer there. For me, I would always want the ability to take snapshots of my data so I would more or less always use btrfs or zfs for that type of volume.

Also, a swap partition is no longer needed. Since Fedora Linux 33, the default is to use zram.

With btrfs you can add the /data as a btrfs subvolume after the inatall completes.

In other words the can use the default partitioning + turning on encryption.