Discussion about Waydroid(especially the kernel)

Could we actually just take a moment and appreciate the community

Let me also see if the new copr waydroid works, i saw little bit of complains in the bottom, i need to check if there’s a problem

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Wooo hoooo

what do you guys think, Daimar Stein’s message contained the url of aleasto waydroid, which can be used, and it’s just amazing, but the problem is it doesnt come with google services, so it’s like vanilla android right now. I gotta install Google play and all that stuff right now, Thank you all of you for participating in this, if you have any questions, Please drop it here, you can reuse this thread

Feel free to check this one out and see if it helps. It didn’t work for me, but it might for you.

I think I ruined it :frowning_face:

stuck here for a while after a restart