Discuss important Pro's and Con's of GNOME or KDE as Fedora Desktops

With this answer I try to point out that we are not talking from the same point of view. If we want to play in the big league and get sponsored we also need to do some sacrifices to compete.

An other point I also would like to mention is, that the expectation to get sponsored from Fedora to play on the same level as Gnome, not really depends on the Fedora community. It is more a matter of communication in between KDE and a possible Sponsor.

I am sure that MBition for Mercedes Benz is not putting the whole KDE as it comes on Fedora to the Automotive systems. So it seams logically that for an enterprise system also have to be made some restrictions and strip downs.

8GB seams to not a lot of money probably for an tinkerer or a single individual person. But enterprise level this can easily get in to a huge amount of money. And this can be a decisions maker for go or no go.

I would like to point out that I’m not against everything what is not Gnome. I am more against the thinking "Gnome gets money from RH, we do want money to, to make KDE more popular.

The discussion should take a new direction and should be in between a sponsor and KDE. Fedora should be the platform where we are testing for KDE if it is possible to run on it, and if the directions KDE is going is a good idea.