Discuss: Auto-tag posts with no tags as "notags"?

To my knowledge we have no way to filter for “amount of tags”.

It is really good to detect posts with no tags, and tag them.

An automated bot, tagging all posts with no tags as #notags would allow us to search for that tag and replace it.

Is this possible? @admins

Hmmm. #notags feels ugly to me. But, there’s https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/tags/c/ask/6/none/none — that’s the list of all untagged posts in Ask Fedora.


Interesting, that works but seems to have no UI.

Are you on mobile? I’ll look on my phone later, but it looks like this in desktop Firefox:

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It looks the same for me.

I just dont know if you can enter that query

It’s not a search query — it’s the filters at the top of the category view…


crazy, this does not exist on mobile


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Oh well, my screenshot is not from the search page.


okay!! Discourse is strange.

This works on mobile too.

  1. Go on “categories” (my main view is “latest”, need to change that)
  2. Go on “ask”
  3. top bar appears, enter tags “none”

this is not able in the search, where it would be the same thing. I will report that

Another workaround: search for in:untagged

like this