Discourse messages are hidden for TL2 users

The Discourse messages feature:

The respective interface buttons are hidden for me:

  • The :email: envelope button is not visible in the profile menu.
  • The Messages button is missing on the profile page.

This one is somewhat intentional — or at least my fault. On Discussion, I had messages set to TL3+ rather than TL2+, because I didn’t want to create yet another chat space — and because we want people to converse in the open rather than e.g. asking for things to people directly. The idea is that https://chat.fedoraproject.org/ should be for that kind of thing.

However… I’m willing to be persuaded to change this. What does everyone think?

Unfortunately, TL3 is not permanent.
Hiding messages makes problematic to access old messages and reports, which may contain useful information.

This feature improves accessibility and usability in general and does not require extra resources to maintain.

If someone feels overwhelmed by private messages, they are free to disable it:
:gear: Preferences > Users > Messages > Allow other users to send me personal messages and chat direct messages > Uncheck

I think that chat is suitable for people who want to communicate in real time, otherwise even aggressive promotion will not attract users there.

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Yeah, okay — since it was on over at the other site (and what you say at TL3 is a good point), I’ve dropped p it to TL2 (which is what it was on Ask.)

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