Discord keeps crashing/closing on its own

Whenever I’m using Discord, it keeps on closing/crash on its own. I installed Discord through snapd. It just keeps on happening even after restarting the PC, it’s been happening for almost 3 days and I don’t know what to do to stop it from crashing/closing on its own. I also changed Wayland to Xorg because when I stream my entire on Discord, it only shows black screen and the mouse cursor. With Xorg, streaming my entire screen is not a problem, reason why I changed Wayland. I’ll appreciate every answer to this problem, thank you!

Hello @n0mad08 welcome. You did add path after install? Tecrobust.com.
Did you read the logs? Viewing logs in Fedora :: Fedora Docs

  • To view log for the current boot use the -b option : $ journalctl -b
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Along with @jpbn’s comment, I would suggest simply extracting the Discord archive directly from Discord instead of using some other method to install it. You can get the tarball from this link.

Working great right now. I switched to Gnome Classic which can stream the entire screen without having any problems like what I mentioned above. I’m also thinking that it’s because of my computer specs which is pretty low, reason why Discord kept on crashing on Gnome (Newer). Thank you all for the suggestions you’d mentioned!

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