Disabling camera or microphone access in GNOME Settings does not work , question

Hi everybody, I am aware of the issue and I have read the [topic].(https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/disabling-camera-or-microphone-access-in-gnome-settings-does-not-work/75258) My question is , are there any other workarounds to the problem than managing access control app by app ?
Also I am experiencing background noices on my test recordings when I am testing my mic and I know the issue is in the desktops built-in microphone working together with my headsets mic. How do I access the built-in mic using the terminal ?

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Hello @fedoranewbie ,
You could look at what pipewire or wireplumber can do for you. Pipewire command line tool is pw-cli so pw-cli --help will give you some pertinent info about it. Wireplumber uses a config file to make the connections between sources and sinks so you would also like to review it’s doc’s at https://pipewire.pages.freedesktop.org/wireplumber/.


Thank you , thats was exactly what I was looking for. Just needed a few recommendations.

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