Disabling bluetooth power management

How can I disable the bluetooth power management on my computer. It seems it’s causing crackling issues.

I think it is more about the power savings from the audio card.

Without knowing about your hardware, did you see this?

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But it happens only on my bluetooth speakers, not my laptop.

Please give us more to work with. A specific issue is specific, so to help us be good remote detectives:

  • the output oflspci
    • cpu model
    • motherboard / laptop manifacuter
    • exact bluetooth device and card used
    • audio card
  • what exactly is happening
  • when does it happen, is there a pattern?
  • what do you do apart from that? Is the CPU load high, what audio players do you use, what apps open, is a lot of RAM used?
  • what power profile do you use? Your machine should use power-profiles-daemon which may act here. Try powerprofilesctl get

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