Disable type effect sound in vim

When I search through the web all is about disabling beep. But this is not my case. I hear a very small sound once I press a key in vim through typing. It is not effected by system volume and I think it is from buzzer. This is really annoying especially when I type fast. I have put set vb in my vimrc and I have never heard such noise in macOS and ubuntu with the same vimrc.
What’s more weird is that although this only happens in vim, it will also happen randomly for the next few operations right after I leave vim, for example when I tested it again in my vim and get back here to write this post.

Is it text file ? It could be that you hear ASCII #7 (if I remember correctly) character which is beep

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Yeah, it is text. Could you plz suggest a way to stop it?

I wrote not clearly. If it is pure text there should be no this ASCII code in it.

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Do you still hear the sound when you start it with vim -u NONE "filename-to-edit" command?

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This led me to re-examine the situation and now I found it entirely different from what I supposed.
I discovered that this will only happen when I edit files that stored under a folder (and it’s subfolders) which is a mounted second disk (WD blue HDD) on my computer.