Disable the fading in mutter whenever there’s a framedrop

I’m running Fedora 39 (and it also happens on Nobara as well). Whenever there is what I presume is a framedrop, instead of dropping the frame cleanly, it performs a smooth fade effect between the two frames. When playing games or video, this becomes very annoying. Is there any way to disable this? It happens specially when the Night Light mode is on (at least on my laptop).

It happens on both, my laptop and my desktop. The laptop is running a dual-GPU setup (i5 11400h + RTX 3060) and my desktop is fully AMD-based (Ryzen 7 3700x + Radeon 6700XT), so this is not due to Nvidia.

Have you tried a downgrade mutter to see if this happened before? If you do not have this issue with an older mutter version you should report it. Might be a regression who has to be fixed again.

Hello @jorgesgk ,
Possibly look at Gnome-tweaks. The Settings app will have the standard Gnome-session settings and gnome-tweaks gives more advanced access. It will be a configuration file, likely called monitor.xml I think, that mutter looks at for it’s configuration.

I have had this for long unfortunately.

Unfortunately I cannot see any options for that…

Did you install Gnome-tweaks? It can be done with sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks in a terminal prompt. There are also a few utilities that may be useful for a system with nvidia hardware, like ‘green with envie’ at Roberto Leinardi / GreenWithEnvy · GitLab and Nvidia System Monitor at GitHub - congard/nvidia-system-monitor-qt: Task Manager for Linux for Nvidia graphics cards.
I still think that gnome tweaks is the best place to start, or file an issue for feature request with the gnome project, possibly start here to see how to report an issue.
The other quick thing to try would be a different DE, KDE is as developed as Gnome, it’s available on Fedora and you can change between DE’s that you have installed at login.