Disable floating panel in KDE

Sounds as if the panel is set to “floating”. You can change that back when configuring the panel

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Right-click the panel and select Enter Edit Mode. You’ll see a pop-up screen above the panel in which you can change it to the way you want to have it.
When done, click the white cross in the red circle in the panel which has appeared at the top of the screen. The panel disappears automatically and you’re done.
I also have set the panel to not floating because I see no reason to have some space on screen which can’t be used for anything, it’s just wasted space. No idea why they wanted to have that.
But, something else: when you have a complaint above KDE then why don’t you join the KDE forum and complain there. You’ll be much closer to the source.

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Please be respectful in future.


The above comment is part of the fedora code of conduct.

Respectful is not making unnecessary changes that stand to mess users up.

@hsljo : please, let’s not engage in such behaviour. The KDE developers are free to make design changes as they see fit. Not all designs will work for everyone, so users are free to make tweaks to their environments, or use alternatives or fork stuff and modify it to their needs.

Ranting is not what this forum is for, and is not in line with our “be excellent to each other” code of conduct. The KDE community puts in a lot of work to maintain the stack for users, and while I’m sure they’re happy with criticism and feedback (along with praise) on their work, comments targeting people are not appreciated—certainly not on this forum. The stuff you wrote in your initial comment is NOT acceptable.

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Please consider this an opportunity to modify your communication style and tone on this forum (and Fedora channels in general).

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Did you read my post in which I explained how you can get rif of the floating panel?
This is KDE: the DE of choices. It’s not that they forced it upon you, they gave you a choice. Unfortunately the default is not the choice you want to make, but it is easy to change this.

Just change it and be happy with KDE Plasma 6 cause all in all it is a great DE.