Digikam localization, F34 Mate

I recently installed F34 Mate. My system language is english, but Digikam I would like to display in German. So I start it with command ‘env LANG=de_DE.utf8 digikam -qwindowtitle %c’. This works pretty well, but with a limitation I have not had with F33/Mate: some of the toolbar entries of Digikam are still in english. Not all, but some. Menu entries are in german like requested. So I wonder how to turn all toolbar entries into german. I found a hint that describes to additionally install language-pack-kde-de .
But now I am lost: I have no idea where to get that particular language-pack from. dnfdragora does not offer it.

Thank you

Might be that Digikam is not 100% translated to German for the changes made with gnome 40 ?

To check create you a new account and use the Mate user manager in the control panel. there you change the language of the user to German. After log in new you can check if it is all translated or not.

You can also ask here if you want more information about digikam:

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Thank you.
I tested with a fresh user with default language setting ‘german’ and now we know that not all of Digikam 7.2.0 is translated to german.

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