Difficulties upgrading from 39 to 40

halfway thru my upgrade from 39 to 40, my linux system stopped with the “something went wrong. contact your system administrator” screen. digging around in a rescue-linux, i find i have no network. ifconfig -a shows my (wired) ethernet port, but any attempt to use nmcli yields the diagnostic about there being no NMClient. any advice on how to proceed?

Do you have a LiveUSB you can test Networking from? Also mount your partition and continue the upgrade ?

i don’t have a liveUSB. i can mount all partitions. but apparently you can’t upgrade without the network being up. or at least, i can’t figure that one out.

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Yeah, that’s almost certainly true. Back well over a decade or so ago, we used to support offline upgrades through the .iso, but they were generally much less reliable.

For clarity - I mean that the download process requires you to be online - the actual reboot into the upgrade shouldn’t require it.

You can connect to the network without NetworkManager:

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