Different applications running in different workspaces at the start-up (F36-Gnome)

When I start-up, I want some of the applications (such as chrome, terminal, vscode etc) open in different workspaces, so that everytime I open the computer, I dont have to adjust them. Is there way to do this ?

My question is something like this but its kind of old and for ubuntu.

Not that I’m aware of, no. From what I know applications may remember information like their window sizes, but I’ve not seen an application remember what workspace it was on.

I see this extension, which may do what you want:


(not tried it).

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In your link wmctrl is addressed. I also use this tool. But it only works under X.
You can also start your Gnome desktop with Xserver instead of Wayland to use the tool. If so, I can help you with the configuration.
But if you want to stay with Wayland which is set by default then there is no way around an extension like @ankursinha

The Xserver is meanwhile approx. 30 years old and thus many small aids (wmctrl, xev, xdotool etc.) developed which must be carried now only slowly also to Wayland.


This kind of program working on wayland would be nicer actually. I am mainly using Wayland. Maybe at some day it becomes avaliable.

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The feature we’re looking for is a sort of “session save”, where when one logs out, the current session is stored and the restored on the next logout. From what I read, gnome used to have this, but it was removed—because this is extremely complex to implement—it’s like a hibernate function where the complete desktop state needs to be saved.

For the simpler issue of “remembering” workspaces (well, simpler than a complete session save), I see folks have come up with their own ways of doing it, e.g.:

I don’t know enough about Gnome to say how this can be done—perhaps using all the dbus bits. Maybe the sources of the extension would have some hints.

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There’s a program named devilspie that does this under X, but I’ve no idea how it works under Wayland, if at all. If nothing else, it’s worth looking at.