DIfferences in Fedora Live Session configuration vs Fedora full install?

is there any sort of list on the configuration changes between a fedora live environment and a fedora full install? I’m running into a really bizarre issue where a piece of built in firmware (brcmfmac) loads the config .txt file correctly on every other Linux distro and any fedora live environment, EXCEPT any full fedora install, this is a huge problem for me as I rely on said .txt to get working WiFi, and after doing a lot of running around in circles on the red hat bugzilla (2262718 – brcmfmac-firmware (brcmfmac43602* specifically) does not load .txt file for configuration when put in the same directory.) I feel like I’m super close to the bottom of this.

I’ve tried the big obvious, aka SELinux, since that runs in permissive mode on fedora live environments but in enforcing mode in full installs and yet with permissive mode (and fully disabled mode) I still get the same behaviour where brcmfmac seems to “load” the .txt but WiFi still doesn’t work properly.

I’ve confirmed this isn’t a kernel issue since fedora kernels obviously work correctly on live environments and the behaviour remains when installing different distro kernels for use with Fedora (I tested a confirmed working Tumbleweed kernel on Fedora… which installing and running was surprisingly easy and it still had the same behaviour), so I’ve moved on to believing this is a userspace thing. though I currently have no idea what specific part but I’ve already tried swapping the NetworkManager backend (wpasupplicant swapped with iwd) and yet no luck still, if anyone has a list of changes / configurations that are done on the live image different to a full install, or any sort of particular networking / firmware userspace backend stuff I could change / tweak, it would mean a lot to me.

If you suspect an SElinux issue, you can run the setroubleshoot app. This app may not be installed on Fedora Desiktop, but you can install the setroubleshoot package to get it.

I can verify it’s not SELinux, nothing appears in relation to brcmfmac or linux-firmware in setroubleshoot’s logs either.

The problem isn’t the oldness of the firmware / kernel, because I’ve gotten the firmware working on respin live sessions which are pretty up to date, and even so, after installing and running updates, I still run into the same issue, which is why I’m putting this up to being a configuration thing.

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