Difference Installation with/without Network connection

So today I setup a fresh Install of Fedora Workstation 38, and I noticed something strange:

When using the Live Installer connected to the Internet during install Process, my Bluetooth devices show up after the first System-Update.
Is the Internet not connected my Bluetooth devices show up before the Update but not after, but only Logitech MX Devices don’t show, my Mobile Phone shows up?

Could someone explain this, maybe some old Packages in the Live Install.

Bluetooth Device is Intel Wifi 6 AX200

I am not sure what you are saying.
Bluetooth is not wifi.

Are you saying that you cannot connect to your wifi network?

“Intel WIfi 6 AX200” has built in Bluetooth, and my Bluetooth Controller is detected and working either way, it’s just when i install from Live image without Network doesn’t matter if wired or wireless, bluetooth stops detecting some devices, while on the other hand if connected to the network during installation from Live Image it works.

If one installs while wifi is disabled then the drivers seem to not get installed. The install seems to activate drivers for devices that are seen as active at the install time and does not activate unneeded devices. Having wifi disconnected during install seems to break the easy and seamless activation of wifi (and bluetooth as well) when booting after the install completes.

Aha! I guess you have seen a driver bug.
Might be worth logging a bug report on fedora bugzilla.

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Yeah something along those lines, maybe it detects as another Device or has some sort of Fallback in place. And the System Update then muddles up some settings. Anyways i’ll try to log a Bug Report - Tried to Install Debian offline, which requests 2 Files from there “iwlwifi Firmware” - Package. Maybe a similar Problem? Guess i’ll put this to solved.