Did you know you can construct polls?

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There’s a handy tool for constructing them hidden behind the :gear: in the post editor toolbar.

Do you want to participate in poll where voters’ names are shown?
  • Definitely!
  • I don’t know.
  • No, but I’m doing it anyway.

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Can you restrict voting to specific accounts? (e.g. set it so that only Council members can vote, but everyone can discuss in the thread)

You can restrict it by group. Currently, groups are local to Discourse, but they can actually be provided by the sso provider instead. I’m looking into how that would work.


Ooh. If the new account system make FAS groups useful for things like this, I’d be so happy.

Also: you can edit a poll within the first five minutes, but not after. So there’s no way to come back a day later and change it to “public=true” to expose who voted which way if you didn’t have that initially set.

Also, both of my examples should have been single choice instead of multiple choice. Heh.

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Some things I’ve learned:

  • You can edit a poll up to five minutes after posting it. After that, it’s locked. If you do edit the poll, any votes made before that will be lost.

  • If you want to show who voted for what, you have to use the bar graph — the option doesn’t appear for pie charts.

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