Did the URL scheme for Discourse change?


Yesterday, I migrated our mailing list to Discourse and pointed a link to our category out, but it appears the link changed and our documentation is out-of-date. Is this an experiment or is the permalink set? If it’s changed, I want to update the link ASAP while we are in the first 24 hours of migration.

https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/commops => https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/project/commops


Oooh, you’re quick. Yes, we started implementing subcategories and discovered that this is a consequence.


I think the CommOps URL should be stable there, unless there’s a good reason to not to call the parent “projects”.


Okay, good to know. It would be great if someone could help with a PR to our docs or post an update to the CommOps mailing list – I’m on my phone and about to jump into a couple hours of classes. I feel bad that the link I just sent out is broken, so I’d like to get it fixed quickly if possible.