Did something change in the SMB protocol for Fedora 31?

Having just now changed my home server from Fedora 30 to Fedora 31 (new installation, not upgrade), it appears that my somewhat older Axis surveillance camera can no longer connect to the Samba share it used to connect to.

That brings me to the questions:

  • Did something change in the SMB protocol used in Fedora 31 (compared to Fedora 30)?
  • What is the minimum SMB protocol Fedora 31 supports?

I know that my camera may be limited to some older standard as its highest firmware is 6.50, but I tried the options in their knowledge base article with no avail. I also experimented a bit using this article. However, the camera did not seem to be impressed by it either.
I also double-checked that the account I am using exists (“/etc/passwd” as well as “pdbedit -L”) and uses the same password for both instances.
The share exists as well and can be accessed & written to by my workstation using that username. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that something protocol-wise changed with Fedora 31 (e.g. tightening security).

Any hints as to what Fedora 31 now uses by default within SMB compared to Fedora 30 and if there is something else I could do is much appreciated.

PS: The server is a LAN server and only one of the VMs running on top of it is accessible from the Internet. So, security does not need to be Fort Knox for the KVM host.

Ok. Beginner mistake. The camera had an available firmware update. Applied. Added “vers=2.0” to the mount options. Works.

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