Did Gnome ditch the math inside the search bar?

I’m used to do math inside the search instead of calculator, but is not working on F40 (also noticed it on Bazzite F40 and Bluefin updated to F40 when I was testing)

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Working for me…

Not for me. Just did a fresh install of F40 yesterday and also ran a sudo dnf distro-sync.

Check if Search has access to the calculator app… (in Settings). Consider filing a bug against gnome-shell


Yes and No. Hahahaha. Why? Dunno
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I found the advice, that there are settings you can’t see, are possible.

Do you have a flatpak version installed ?

It’s working since I enabled the disabled one. And yes, both are installed, Flatpak and RPM ones. I did not install them.


Wow I just discovered this was even a thing in the first place :rofl: Also I can confirm that this also works on KDE


mee too



It works fine for me on Gnome 46, Fedora 40

You might have to tell us which iso you used to install your fedora 40.

You are not on silverblue right?

I also, I forgot, when to a black screen on the first boot. Couldn’t even go to a TTY

At one time there was a plugin for Gnome Terminal to call a Google search from highlighted text in the terminal. Would still like to see that in some terminal (OK, it would be DuckDuckGo and something other than Gnome-Terminal, but same idea).

You are a bit off topic here. The thread is about the nautilus (files) app and not about any form of terminal app.

We were discussing Search and GNOME.

googler and ddgr are search engines working in terminal. You can use them not just in Gnome because they are packages you can install with dnf.

About off-topic, if you comment into a topic where already has a solution it might be better if you just make a new topic.
This topic was specific for the calculation option in the search bar.

You can also do Emojis and Special Characters for other languages if you have those selected.