Desktop pc cooling stays active when suspending from fedora 36

When I suspend the pc, the cooling goes on as it would, if the pc wasn’t suspended. Also, one of the screens stays “active” and shows f.e. the time. Therefore, I assume that the suspension does not work as it should.

Does anyone know this issue and knows how to fix it?

Hey there. Can you please give us the output of inxi -CMGxBxx in preformatted or code block format?

As you might have seen from my other post (regarding the zoom black screen,, where you answered, I switched from Wayland to Xorg and oddly suspensions work fine now.

Thus, the solution was to change to Xorg.

Should I report the problem somewhere, and if yes, where? (and with which information included)

You should link this to the other thread and indicate the solution as such.

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I’ve edited the post to make the solution more explicit and indicated it as a solution. Which other thread do you mean?

You indicated your other thread, so that one.

It has nothing to do with this one, other than that there the solution was also to change from Wayland to Xorg. Because of this, I would rather delete the reference entirely than put more weight on it by adding the link.
Nevertheless, I did it, because you said so. Thanks for your engagement in this forum!