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I recently installed Fedora 36 with Gnome 42. I don’t care for the Gnome desktop. So I Installed Cinnamon and the KDE DEs to try out. I have decided to use KDE. I installed it on my Gnome installation and chose KDE when logging in. My question is: Would it be better to install the KDE spin or should I continue as is? Thanks for any help.

I guess that after installing KDE, you have some redundant programs. If that doesn’t bother you, just keep the current installation. If you’d like a clean start, without all Gnome apps and software, you can reinstall.

Thanks for your input. I will continue using as is for awhile, then If happy I will install the KDE spin.

Moreover, you’ll have services from KDE (e.g., baloo) running in GNOME and GNOME services (e.g., tracker) running in KDE…

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Thank you for your help.