Design team: would you like posts here sent to Matrix?

Discourse has a chat-bridge plugin which can send posts to Matrix. @duffy mentioned to me that this might be useful.

The plugin is fairly flexible. I can set it up to send messages to any Matrix channel. This can be:

Should I set this up? Should it go to, or a specific channel meant for just this? (Or, I could set it up so first posts and group mentions go to the main channel, and all posts and replies go to a new one meant for just this, since that could overwhelm the channel if there’s a hot topic.)

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Yes. As I am just seeing this 3 days later because I just happened to go to discussions.fpo for the first time in weeks and happened to notice this in my notifications thing which has 171 unreads!

You should see my email inbox. :slight_smile:

How would you like it configured?