Design and usability issues in Docs home page

Continuing the discussion from Docs meeting agenda: 2023-05-17:

Please find the issue tracker for design and usability issues in Docs home page.

Accessibility and usability issues - PRIORITY
Issue board in Docs UI repo: 6 open issues
Issue board in Docs pages repo: 1 open issue

Installation summary

Can we have a smaller netboot ISO and make it so it actually installs the selected edition with its default settings? Refer to the link.

Update docs category tags in Quick Docs: update ongoing for major edits, but is there bulk update option by Antora UI bundle/features?

Docs home page tile design looks ancient and is it time to change to blend in with the new home page?

De-duplicate installation guide
In addition to sunsetting installation guide for Workstation, users need to get right search results for installation - by edition, by installer, and over the network. See issue ticket here.