Deseret alphabet font support | Howto install a font

I was surfing Wikipedia on latest Firefox and saw Deseret alphabet page, in which the letters didn’t load as the fonts in Fedora don’t support it. Can support be added? Thanks.

A quick google search for ‘deseret alphabet’ gave this plus many other links.

Yes, of course I can install a font supporting it but what I ask is can such a font be included in Fedora Linux by default in basic or extra etc?

It might, but is of such small demand that I would consider it unlikely. I had never even heard of that font until you posted this. Since that seem to be a google font and many different google fonts are installed by default it may be easier than I expect.

I am not part of the fedora staff nor admin so I have nothing to do with decisions of this nature. If you want it included you would need to communicate with the appropriate individuals. I suspect that contacting a Fedora Steering Committee (fesco) member may be appropriate. I also do not know how to find out specifically who is serving in that capacity.

This font is included in Fedora Linux: google-noto-sans-deseret-fonts - Fedora Packages

There is some magic in GNOME which attempts to detect character sets which need new fonts to be installed, but it doesn’t catch all situations. However, you should be able to easily find and install it with the Software center or dnf from the command line.


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Besides, there is a size limit of what gets included by default. The repository contains much more than would ever fit.

sudo dnf install google-noto-sans-deseret-fonts

 # search for any font with:
sudo dnf search \*YOURFONTNAME*

Gnome Software Application:

click on explore and search for deseret or (YOURFONTNAME):

Go back into the browser and reload the page, now you should see the fonts displayed.