Desaturated Colors

Hey! just moved from Linux mint to Fedora 36 with KDE. I am running into an issue where various colors in a lot of my programs are desaturated. I first noticed it in my google chrome, but then I started noticing it in various different places. Firefox is a mixed bag, the webpages seem to be fine, but the top bar isn’t. Discord is off. Steam seems to be good. I fixed Chrome by forcing sRGB instead of the system default, but I am trying to figure out how to change it.

I think an important bit of information is that I am running on an NVIDIA GTX 1080. I have the graphics drivers installed, and my computer seems to be using X11. (I had issues in live USB mode which I think was using Wayland, so I tried safe graphics and it seemed to use X11).

I have been looking around at the color settings, but I cannot find anything that I can change to fix this issue. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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