Dell Latitude 7410 Laptop - Is anyone using one with Fedora?

I am very tempted to buy this: Dell Latitude 7410 Laptop 14" FHD I7-10610 CPU 16GB Ram NVMe SSD Windows 11 Pro | eBay

Couple of questions if I may:

  1. Processor speed says 1.8ghz. that sounds incredibly slow! BUT, I have no clue about this stuff and i guess being a 10th gen, it can’t be a slouch, so maybe I should ignore that figure?

  2. Most importantly, can anyone vouch for it working on Fedora nicely? I can’t understand LHDB, at least not in terms of ‘will it work’ or not. Mainly I want to ensure the audio/speakers and microphone work, and webcam ideally, as it’s mostly for a portable video chat machine.

Grateful for any comments if anyone has one. thanks

According to some quick GeekBench comparisons, the numbers look around the same as my i5-8400H and that’s been fine for me on Fedora!

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Thanks very much, that’s useful!

I’m more concerned with these Windows 11 machines because of the TPM and UEFI being locked down by the Vendor. . . It makes installing linux hard or not possible. Forced SecureBoot and the like. I would look up the manual online and look for those things specifically.

Dell’s are not typically this way, but it’s good to know before you buy.

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I’d me_cleaner it; apparently it’s possible with Comet Lake [Tutorial] ME cleaner still working for newer platforms · Issue #340 · corna/me_cleaner · GitHub

I think on some Dells they use a dedicated TPM (like my 5591) instead of using the one from IME, but if TPM is provided by IME then it’ll also be gone with me_cleaner

For Secure Boot I’d setup_var the variable and disable it (although I guess that also implies the ability to boot it :stuck_out_tongue:).

I can’t imagine Dell disabling the ability to turn off Secure Boot or locking down boot hard-enough to make it Windows-only. That looks like a general-consumer laptop.

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Not heard of me_cleaner - what do you use that for please?

I haven’t either. . .

Lattitude is similar than XPS on how bios and stuff works so the speed is correct it is stated as 1.8Ghz speeds, but uses automatic boost when needed I have 2.10 if I remember correctly and when on heavy tasks it ramps up to 5.10Ghz usually safe is 4.8Ghz on my side.

Bios can’t lock down secure boot or tpm you can disable those and even clear tpm owner ships

It will work yes can we quarantine it works 100% not quite it might have some issues we know untill you have it installed and all updated since it is dell it haves own quirks as all laptops have difrent components etc usually there is just small stuff that are fixed fast and bios updates are important on dell machines sine there was bad bios versions

Thanks Marko - So overall would I be right in thinking you DO NOT consider that a ‘slow machine’? 1.8 just makes me skip over these ads, when it’s probahly just fine. I have had machines with 3+ghz, but 10-15 year old machines like macbook etc. So I tend to ignore slower speeds like that, but I suspect I am being hasty due to my ignorance on the architecture. Short version: a brand new up to date processor labelled as 1.8 MAY be FASTER than some older ones with higher speeds. Do you agree? (I don’t even know/or look at how many cores/threads for instance, as I don’t really understand that stuff!)

You are all good no worries on being slow it even have boost up to 4.9Ghz when needs

Features 14" FHD WVA Display (1920 x 1080) Intel Core i7 (10th Gen) 10610U / 1.8 GHz (4.9 GHz Boost) CPU 4 Cores 8 Theads 16GB DDR4 RAM Up To 4TB NVMe SSD HD Webcam & Microphone Built in Fingerprint Reader in the power button UK Qwerty Backlit Keyboard HDMI Port USB-C and USB 3.0 ports WIFI & Bluetooth SC and SD ports Audio Port Windows 10 or 11 Professional 64-bit 1 Year return to base warranty Completely pre-configured and fully functional, all you need to do is plug in and start using.

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It’s a tool that can be used to alter, remove, or disable Intel’s Management Engine (Intel ME). It’s not something most people need to be concerned with, and me_cleaner involves modifying the motherboard’s BIOS and its own adventures with unlocking flash descriptors and SOIC clips and external programmers.

Intel ME doesn’t (afaik) cause any issues, and provides DRM interfaces (Intel GFX, I think SGX, firmware TPM), along with lower-level HW initialization and power management typically on laptops; you likely don’t want to do anything with trying to removing it casually.

I like using it to set the HAP bit to gracefully disable ME; I don’t use any features of it, and in the case of the Latitude 5591 I have it came with vPro by-default and I definitely didn’t want anything to do with remote management. Less stuff running on my computer the better :stuck_out_tongue:

Way over my head but thanks!

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So can allow for a coreboot installation if . . . Need Be :face_with_monocle:

Hate to ask but wondered if you cared to throw me your opinion…

Couple of choices, which would you say is best bang for buck for Fedora use? (One is 11th gen i5, other is 10th gen i7)…

  1. Dell Latitude 5420 14'' i5 11th gen RAM 32GB SSD 1TB Grade A- SKU11492 | eBay


PS I was trying to decide between those two, when I spotted this ‘Chromebook’ -
That looks a good bang for buck, however I don’t even know WHAT a ‘Chromebook’ IS!! I am assuming it’s a different OS (probably Google) which could be wiped just like Windows can?

Sorry to ask, just have no concept of which is ‘better’, or whether there’s any real difference at all!

Thanks for any thoughts

Don’t go Chromebook not same wipe as normal and both are good and you eventually choose what you prefer, but I would choose dell attitude 5420 aka the first one on links it has more Ram and good SSD etc with Intel iris xe graphics

Thanks, didn’t realise Iris XE was a good point. My only doubt about that one (apart from mediocre seller feedback) is the battery health says 67%, seems a bit low for a fairly recent machine, but I don’t know much about that.
I need 1TB so whatever I buy will have to have min 1TB, this one just says SSD, the other one said NVME which I heard is faster/better. I have asked for more detail on the SSD, not that I understand all the technical stuff (PCIe, nvme etc)!!
thanks again, may go for that one

replace battery if you want it is cheap and then no issues on that one some sellers says SSD and it is still NVME

Dare I ask, I am very tempted by this, seems excellent value for money:
Lenovo ideapad 5, i5 10th gen, 16GB ram, 1TB M2.SSD, GEFORCE MX350, 95W charger | eBay
How would you rate that compared to the Dell 5420?

My biggest concern, and I may not be able to get rid of them, is I can’t work out what will and will NOT work on these damn machines, unless I just buy and try. but I am so short of money (its the reason for changing my machine now) I can’t afford to do that, I need to be as sure as possible.

My Yoga 7 is a sexy beast but i overspent on it and need to downgrade a little, I also want something smaller and more portable (14" max). Hence this ideapad seems a good compromise. BUT, I never got the mic to work on my Yoga 7 and worry about similar problems with ANY new machine.

PS there is an even more pocket friendly option but older Lenovo Yoga 510 14AST 16GB Ram 1TB SSD Touch Screen | eBay

Main thing is, at a guess even, what’s more likely to work out of the box, an ideapad or a Dell 5420/7410?

I accept there may be no way to answer, but if anyone can, I’d be grateful, even just for guesses/opinions.