Dell Latitude 4790 not booting after installation

Hello. The only difference from other installations of Fedora in other pcs is in this one I had to change the SATA configuration in BIOS from Raid on to AHCI (and ignore the warning) so the installer could see the disk at all; I delete the whole thing, then it runs to completion, and after reboot, no bootable devices found. I did it all twice, and after the second restored the BIOS settings to factory. Stuck there
Please, someone, tell me that this is soo simple!

YOu do not tell us if you are dual booting, or if this is teh only OS being installed.
You do not tell us if you are trying to install in legacy or uefi mode
You do not tell us what version/release of fedora you are installing

It also helps to get info about the messages you see during the install, and if you are using the whole disk or just part of it.

There is often a significant lag after the install completes before it is ready to reboot, during which the bootloader is configured and everything is prepped for the first boot. Failure to wait long enough may interrupt this part of the config and prevent booting

Please provide more info.

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No dual booting, installing Fedora 38 only, boot list option UEFI. Whole disk deleted for Fedora. Now, after the third install, because I had to do something, I let it sit a while before the next reboot. That did it. Working. Thank you for your answering