Dell 5420 - Weird screen error/glitch - Is this hardware or software?

I got this same issue last week. I was leaving the library in a hurry and closed the lid ( VPN, Thunderbird, 2 Browsers maybe a 100tabs a piece?, and Inkscape open ) When i go to the coffee shop I opened up and was met with this same screen. So I forced shutdown and was back to normal, haven’t had this problem since.

Please look for errors (maybe withjournalctl -b -N) so we can have a chance of finding the root cause. A careful comparison of the hardware (e.g., inxi -Fzxx) might identify a common component.

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Oh, no my memtest86 is a few years old so likely an old version. It did pass with zero errors though, ran all night.
I had no idea it was included in a live installer, how/where would I get to it to use it?!

Dell firmware - I asked when I first got the machine and was advised this machine should update BIOS/firmware itself via Software Update (GUI) which I check regularly

Oh wow, so you got a screen glitch like mine pictured above? That’s very interesting thanks, helps suggest the hardware is good in this machine and the reaction of the seller would suggest that’s the case too. Interesting, thanks for posting that!