Delayed Keyboard Response during Fedora 38 Boot Process

Hello Fedora community,

I’m experiencing a peculiar issue with my laptop keyboard during the boot process of Fedora 38. After the GRUB screen, when I reach the decryption menu to enter my passphrase for disk decryption, the laptop keyboard remains unresponsive. This prevents me from entering my passphrase and proceeding with the boot process.

Strangely, after a delay of approximately 3 seconds to 1 minute of me pressing keys without input being read, the keyboard starts responding normally, allowing me to input the passphrase and proceed with the boot.

I have encountered this issue consistently across multiple Linux distributions, including Fedora 37, Pop_OS!, and Arch. It has persisted even after performing a fresh installation of Fedora 38. However, the issue does not occur in Windows.

Useful information:

Laptop Model: HP Pavilion eg-0501la
Fedora Version: Fedora 38
Steps to Reproduce:
    Power on the laptop and reach the GRUB screen.
    Wait for the dm-decrypt menu to appear.
    Notice the unresponsive keyboard with no input or LED indicators.
    After a delay of 3 seconds to 1 minute, the keyboard starts responding.
Other Observations:
    The issue also occurs at login screen after configuring the TPM to automatically decrypt the disk.
    After suspending the laptop, the keyboard also takes a while to respond upon wake-up.

If you need any further information or if there are specific logs or commands that would be helpful for troubleshooting, please let me know. I appreciate any assistance or insights you can provide to resolve this keyboard issue during the Fedora 38 boot process.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,