Default application for music ans video


I just installed Fedora 36 Silverblue and in the “default app” section (in parameters) there is nothing for video and music whereas I have Music v41 installed.

How can I fix this ? Should I report a bug ?


Please check under if you find something already reported about default apps Silverblue F36.

If you find nothing please read New users! Start here! - Ask Fedora

And then you can re-ask there. Here is more to discuss about project oriented objects.
Yours seams to be looking for help :slight_smile:

I’d like to respectfully push back on this a bit and say this should be a project-oriented objective. Fedora is supposed to be GNOME’s showcase platform, we take from all the Red Hat and GNOME upstream goodness, GNOME still includes a ‘Default Applications’ section in its settings menu, and Silverblue has 3 of the 6 missing on first boot. For ‘Music’ and ‘Video’ in particular users are left to decide whether they should layer or enable Flathub, because there aren’t Fedora Flatpaks which will satisfy those.

Some of this might also be an upstream GNOME decision/issue as well, because if you go to and install only the applications on that page then ‘Mail’ and ‘Music’ would still be left unsatisfied. So who knows the real direction they are taking with that, it seems like maybe they feel fat mail clients have gone the way of the dodo bird. I think maybe Totem takes over the music playing backend if Rhythmbox3 isn’t installed.

Fedora Silverblue is supposed to be a curated experience, so IMO we should Flatpak up Rhythmbox3 and Totem, but I’m not the one putting in that work so its easy to sit back and list out demands. It just seems like the direction the project would want to take. Personally i use Fedora Flatpaks where I can (Evolution, Calendar, EOG for defaults), and backfill the missing pieces with Flathub (Rhythmbox3 and Totem for defaults).

Looks similar to [RFE] Ship all applications available in Workstation by default · Issue #289 · fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker · GitHub