Deepin-Screen-Recorder dependencies for Fedora 39 and later

Hey guys

How do I download these updated dependencies to try and install this Deepin-Screen-Recorder package on Fedora 39?

Is there any possibility of them being updated in the Fedora 39 and subsequent repositories?

The downloaded package is from the openSuse TW repository, these two being below:


I particularly like this app because of its vectors and ease of using the app.

The previous version is installed and functional in Fedora 39, but does not update with the new packages because of new dependencies.

Can you give me any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your continued attention

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Deepin is a own DE (Desktop Environment) To use it you need to install the deepin group.

sudo dnf group list

Just do not forget, that you can brick your system while doing something like this. So that’s why I propose to test it first on a virtual installation.

The group should install all the necessary dependencies. I would use the fedora specific package and not the one from an other distribution!


Thank you for your help @ilikelinux

Interestingly, in openSuse TW it is not necessary to install the Deepin Desktop Environment for the application to work in its entirety.

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