libinput-config allows you to configure your inputs in case your Wayland compositor doesn't have a certain config or has none.

Installation Instructions

Before installing, make sure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. You're running an X11 server or a Wayland compositor that uses libinput for input handling. If it uses another library such as Synaptics, libinput-config won't work. 2.You have the libinput header files installed. They usually come in a package called something like libinput-devel. You may also need to do the same for systemd-devel.
  2. You have written a working config file (see How to use for more details).

How to use: In order for the library to work, you need to create a config file under /etc/libinput.conf. You only need to put the options you're going to use. For all left out options, the system defaults will be used. If you already configured an option in your compositor, the compositor will take the priority unless you enable override-compositor. The config file must consist of key=value entries. The following settings are implemented: override-compositor={disabled,enabled} tap={disabled,enabled} tap-button-map={lrm,lmr} drag={disabled,enabled} drag-lock={disabled,enabled} accel-speed=[number] accel-profile={none,flat,adaptive} natural-scroll={disabled,enabled} left-handed={disabled,enabled} click-method={none,button-areas,clickfinger} middle-emulation={disabled,enabled} scroll-method={none,two-fingers,edge,on-button-down} scroll-button=[number] scroll-button-lock={disabled,enabled} dwt={disabled,enabled} scroll-factor=[number] scroll-factor-x=[number] scroll-factor-y=[number] discrete-scroll-factor=[number] discrete-scroll-factor-x=[number] discrete-scroll-factor-y=[number] speed=[number] speed-x=[number] speed-y=[number] gesture-speed=[number] gesture-speed-x=[number] gesture-speed-y=[number] remap-key=[number]:[number]

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