Decimal comma as dot: how to set up without a graphical desktop on Fedora 36 Server?

I use a Portuguese keyboard with the locale:

   System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
       VC Keymap: br
      X11 Layout: br

This way the keyboard works fine, just there is the comma in the decimal block of the keyboard. Would like to change it to the dot.

I searched in the documentation and could not find a useful manual to change it.

I suspect that may be related to the use of the ‘br’ keymap and layout, since the european way of doing numbers is different than in the US with comma and dot interchanged in places.

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Yes it is. I remember we had topics where ppl. asked the same about their keys on a apple device. I also know that a remapping is possible. I just never find the RHEL way. Always just the Ubuntu/Debian way for doing in terminal without x11 and a DE.

I made this already on windows, to remap the Swiss German keyboard. To type ip addresses I used the dot instead the comma.

I ended up in:
Linux console/Keyboard configuration - ArchWiki
Portuguese (Brazil ABNT) / Portuguese (Brazil ABNT2) - Keyboard Layout Info

Just now, how do i find out the keycode (see Creating a custom keymap)?