Dealing with Google crippling Chromium

So this happened: Google cuts off other Chromium-based browsers from it's SYNC Service
And now chromium with disabled sync is on it’s way to stable repository:

I’m not sure that ‘disabling’ sync that early before EOL is the best option. Now users will be greeted with a message about missing API keys and some features being disabled:

Message and link popping up under toolbar does not explain what’s going on and what the user can do about it: API Keys - The Chromium Projects.

It would be great to replace it with a link to some quick-doc explaining what and why will happen in March (or what’s happening currently, if those keys stays removed) and what to do about it (that Firefox can import most data and sync it between multiple devices and platforms). Maybe in the meantime some alternative will arise, e.g. Firefox Sync adapted in Chromium or other synchronization engine, after all many distros will have this problem and probably some devs rely on that feature.

I’m using Chromium mostly to test websites’ compatibility, but I installed it for / recommended it to many non-technical users as a Chrome replacement. I’m pretty sure most users won’t know what hit them and, unless well informed, will end up installing Chrome.

What do you think?

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I suppose you could manually sync everything with an installed Fx instance, but that seems like alot of trouble just to use Chromium.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the silver lining of all this is it’s a wakeup call to the mono-culture everyone has been propagating by jumping on the chrom-a-clone bandwagon. Many people believe Google developed Chromium out of some altruistic desire; that’s just not the case.

I refer you to this Bullshit to English of selected portions of the Google Chrome Blink Developer FAQ - which Google released when they adopted Blink. It’s amusing, yet to the point.


I meant that the best solution would be to show users what they can do now and that the No. 1 option would be to migrate to Firefox and use it instead, on all platforms and with same synchronization they’re used to. Firefox already can import almost all data synced so far in Chromium, I think that only settings and add-ons are not imported.
Different sync mechanism for Chromium is just an idea, for those who prefer Chromium, but don’t like proprietary software.

We’re on the same page. I’m seeing this as a risk of people moving to Chrome, because of their data and convenience, but also an opportunity to show them a better way, with Firefox - that require our action.

Brilliant! Funny (and painful) 'cause it’s true :wink: