DE switched back to Gnome from KDE after upgrade

Where did you ask the question and received such a reply?

Where you already on KDE spin, or did you have Fedora Worstation with KDE desktop installed?

There is no such thing, but providing information on your installation would help with troubleshooting what happened.

So you did have Fedora Workstation as your primary installation?


gnome & kde are Desktop Environments.

not the only one, but gnome is the rockstar.

… want to use KDE?”. In the Fedora Forum

I looked and the last spin i burned was FC36 - then upgrade to 37, 38, 39. Then the upgrade to 40. All Server ver. because it’s my testbed for my production web sites.

… not the only one, but gnome is the rockstar.
I rest my case

I don’t see a thread here with that title. If you did ask on a different forum, that’s an unfortunate experience. We are here to help troubleshoot your issues and reviewing your initial post, it seems you have already reinstalled the OS unless you provide more specifics.

As for trolls and the like, these types of comments do not contribute to helping you figure out what has happened with your install.

Going through your most recent comment it looks like you had a Server version, so you are installing the desktops for your test bed.

If you do not have some more specifics or have already reinstalled and do not have an issue with your current build, this isn;t really an Issue and I’ll move this to The Water Cooler as a conversation piece.

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In my previous "upgrade"s it knows all the apps I had - gimp, chrome, thunderbird, and just a few others. Just a few. Never had the problem before.

Move it where you want - I’ve made my point - made my B****.
“upgrade” should do just that and not make changes on the whim of a developer. And be careful the someone doesn’t decide to replace Firefox with Edge?