Daemon disappeared error in Software app

Hi, when I open the Software application for updates to F35 workstation, I have daemon disappeared error.

In terminal,
[hankuo@fedora ~]$ rpm-ostree upgrade
error: Transaction in progress: rebase (download only)

Error logs
gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file

Can you help?

Looks like that the rebase is already in progress, so you have to wait for it to complete.

You can keep an eye on the status by running rpm-ostree status. There should be a line starting with State:, which should tell you if it’s busy or not.

If it says State: idle, you can try running rpm-ostree upgrade again at that time.

Thanks for the guide. I was able to run rpm-ostree upgrade, but doesn’t prompt to upgrade after reboot.

I got a different message in Software; unable to upgrade to Fedora Linux 35:
Invalid refspec ostree://fedora/35/x86_64/silberblue

In terminal,
$ rpm-ostree upgrade --check
1 metadata, 0 content objects fetched; 592 B transferred in 1 seconds; 0 bytes content written
No updates available.

Was this a typo? Should be silverblue, not silberblue.


$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue

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Successfully upgraded to F35 for my backup laptop. Thanks.

On my daily driver, I have got the following message in the terminal after I run;
$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue

Error: Could not depsolve transaction; 2 problems detected:
Problem 1: conflicting requests

  • nothing provides system-release(34) needed by rpmfusion-nonfree-release-34-1.noarch
    Problem 2: conflicting requests
  • nothing provides system-release(34) needed by rpmfusion-free-release-34-1.noarch

I think you may need to uninstall the rpmfusion repositories first. I suspect since they are versioned as 34, they aren’t found in the 35 repository.

This might help too: