D-Sub initially not starting on Fedora 34

Newly (possibly after a kernel update) I get the following message during boot:

Failed to start d-bus system message bus

Several services fail afterwards (e.g. network). My display manager does not come up, after the bootup needs much longer than usual. But, from the console I see that d-bus is running at the end and even running startx starts Gnome as usual with everything working.

The error is reproducible, after selecting old kernels in the boot manager, it worked once per kernel as usual, but never again afterwards.

I would appreciate any ideas on this. Thanks!

There is an issue with at least systemd-networkd starting before the DBus socket is available. It doesn’t look exactly like your issue; the messages there are about failures to connect to DBus. So it may or may not be related, but it could be worth a look.

See Bugzilla bug 1948042 for more details.

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