Custom Sound Alerts

Resources covering how to set-up custom sound alerts seems to be scarce. Can someone explain to me how I can use my own custom audio as a sound alert?

Also, I doubt the web developers read this, but for the logging in part don’t call it “username”. Most websites call it email, and calling it username might be confusing. Another thing, when I click the sign up button it takes me to the login page. Sign up pages are supposed to take you directly to the sign up page.

One gnome check files in /usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts.

ls /usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts

And from gnome-settings —> Sound ----> Bark or Drip or …

Are you talking about the ask.fedora login page? Or the FAS page?
If yes, please delete it from this request and create a new on with a topic title more clearly to understand. Project leader of Fedora is reading and answering regularly here.

By the way … if you talk abut FAS, we had changes last days on this page … might be that not everything is as it should be yet.

What is FAS page? I’m new to Fedora.