Custom Fedora IoT Commit not booting

I started playing around with Fedora IoT the last couple of days & want to create my own commits.
As a starting point, I just wanted to try and build a Commit basically without changing anything. My treefile.json looks like this:

    "ref": "custom-fedora-iot/stable/x86_64",
    "ex-jigido-spec": "fedora-iot.spec",
    "include": "fedora-iot-base.json",
    "boot-location": "modules",
    "repos": [
    "postprocess-script": "",
    "cliwrap": true

I pulled the Fedora 38 files from Pagure & created a .repo file for the fedora-38-updates repository.
I can create the tree, do pull-local & rebase to it without a problem.

When I reboot however, the boot stops after: systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service. I also get errors starting the parsec.service, however I also get those errors if I boot F38 IoT regularly & the boot still finishes.

As for “hardware”, I’m doing all of this in a VirtualBox VM, where my base image is F38 IoT.

Any help would be much appreciated!