Cursor flickering on external display using HDMI output (MBP 2021 M1 Pro)

I noticed that HDMI output is now supported on the 2021 MBP with M1 Pro chipset.

It works well, except the cursor flickers on the external display. Nothing else flickers.

Thank you for bringing attention to HDMI support on the M1 Pro! I’ve tried to reproduce the flickering cursor on three separate external monitors (TN, VA and IPS) without success. I’m running GNOME on Fedora Asahi Remix and do occasionally see “ghosting” of the cursor, but this is not isolated to Asahi, HDMI or the M1. My best guess is that it’s related to Wayland.

You didn’t mention what desktop environment / protocol you’re using. If you are using Xorg, cursor flickering is a known bug. It is one of many ways in which Xorg is broken, and why it is unsupported.

I’m using GNOME running on Wayland.

If it’s on Wayland then it would have to be a GNOME/Mutter bug. The cursor handling is entirely software, so the hardware platform cannot have any effect on it (other than by not supporting hardware cursors, which is what makes this different from most x86 machines).